Wishing you here

When I close my eyes
I see us
finally together
hugging at an airport
I see you and I
at the stable
me teaching you to ride
while laughing
I see us at school
speaking English
me showing you around
introducing you to people
showing them
that I do have a good friend
that I'm not always quiet
showing everyone
what an amazing person you are
I see you in my room
looking at my books
at the photos
and me telling you
about everything
I see you in our garden
finally seeing the chickens for real
I see you playing with Polly
cuddling with Svante
and Nimbus actually letting you pet him
I see you on a mattress
next to my bed
talking and laughing in the middle of the night
I see you right next to me
but when I open my eyes
you're once again
thousands of miles away


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